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With clients nationwide, Nordco is proud of the fact that it is one of just a few energy services companies that can boast of a 30-year track record of success.

The energy-related technologies that Nordco has been instrumental in applying for its clients over the years include co-generation, thermal storage systems, and heat recovery systems.

Nordco's areas of expertise include:

• Creative lighting systems & motion sensors
• Building automation systems
• Power monitoring & submetering networks
• Financial outsourcing & conventional financing


Nordco's client list includes many premier names in the commercial, industrial and institutional market segments. In addition, Nordco has successfully completed many municipal and federal contracts.

The Nordco business philosophy does not necessarily include “the cheapest solution” as an option for its clients. Only the “best solutions”, fairly priced, are offered. Translated in a broad sense to how Nordco clients have benefited from this approach over the past 30 years, it means that Nordco clients have realized:

• Decreased energy costs
• Decreased maintenance costs
• Improved cash flows
• Increased property values
• Increased occupant comfort levels
• Increased occupant productivity levels



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