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With 34 years experience, Nordco is one of the few energy conservation companies that can consult, audit, recommend out-sourcing, survey, install, and recycle whatever is needed to help a building “go green”.

“Our purpose is to be the primary resource for our clients who are looking for energy conservation and reduced operating costs. Lighting is the “low hanging fruit”. It's easy to reach and the reward is immediate. A lighting retrofit installation can usually be achieved within a month or less; and the savings are immediate. The sooner a client begins to capitalize on these savings, the greater their return on investment. If electric company rebates and tax incentives are available, the ‘fruit' (savings) becomes even sweeter.”
George E. Nordgren, President

Nordco analyzes and designs energy saving lighting systems to improve the working conditions within a building's envelope. We recognize that each facility is unique. Our goal is to design a system that will increase the quality of the workplace through improved lighting, while reducing energy consumption, cost, and maintenance.

Nordco does not manufacture fixtures nor limit its fixture selection to one product line. We specialize in customer service - not service to a particular brand or product. Finding the best possible lighting system for the client is our number one objective.

To achieve this goal, we:

• Measure light levels.
• Conduct full audits.
• Evaluate light color and quality (aesthetics) of each area.
• Consider the existing lighting fixtures for age, condition and reflective quality.
• Determine replacement measures.
• Research potential motion control savings.
• Evaluate security needs.
• Calculate money savings (energy savings, utility rebate and EPAct'05 tax incentives)
• Ensure OSHA standards and local building code requirements are met.
• Present finance options.
• Administer rebate paperwork.
• Conduct post installation inspections.
• Monitor efficiency and savings.
• Provide continued customer service through re-lamping and re-orders.
• Recycle old lamps and ballasts according to industry codes.





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