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Rebates and Tax Credits

Customers have received $4,293,218 in rebates through Nordco's participation in various energy provider rebate programs. In many cases, the rebate will cover 30% to 40% of the cost of a lighting retrofit/upgrade.

Clients located in states where energy provider rebates exist are eligible to receive funds for capital expenditures spent on qualified energy saving measures. Nordco specializes in designing lighting systems to meet these requirements. In most states, we are a preferred vendor for Commercial and Industrial Standard Offer Programs (CISOP). We file the necessary paperwork to the electric provider and coordinate with them to ensure rebate standards are met. This includes scheduling pre and post inspections when required.

Click on the following links to determine if rebates are offered in your area.*

National List

Texas Rebate Programs

Energy-Efficiency Funds and Demand Response Programs

*Please note that these lists are not all inclusive. Contact a Nordco associate if you do not find a program for your area.

The Texas Public Utilities Commission has mandated that a portion of the energy providers' net profit be set aside for energy conservation rebate programs. As such, Nordco is a preferred vendor for some of the largest energy providers in Texas, such as CenterPoint (Houston), TXU Oncor and AEP. Because of this, our clients have experienced tremendous savings and quicker return on investments.

Energy Policy Act (EPAct) 2005 Many of our clients have received tremendous benefits through this program. Nordco will advise if your facility is eligible for these incentives. Situations vary case by case and data should be reviewed by your business's tax consultant. Click here for more information about EPAct 2005.  EPAct Information Resource


Nordco participates in most rebate programs. Below are links to just a few of them. Contact a Nordco associate for more details.

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